The Cosmetics Industry: The story of a broken system

Have you ever wondered what's in your shampoo?

Do you know whether your lipstick was tested on animals?

Did you stop to think about how to best recycle your used skincare product containers?

Everything we consume has implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, but through our power as consumers we can influence the practices within industries such as the one that produces all the stuff in our bathrooms and make-up purses.

Check out this brilliant video from The Story of Stuff on the cosmetics industry:

What you can do

Switch from store-bought cosmetics and toiletries to homemade ones!

Check out the full list of DIY skincare, haircare and beauty products

Learn how to treat your hair with bi-carb soda

Try out this coconut and lemon lip balm, or this vegan alternative here!

Read all about sugaring, a homemade alternative to waxing!

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