The Top Female Eco-YouTubers You Should Be Following Right Now!

Women across social media are leading the eco-movement - from tips and tricks for sustainable fashion and beauty to recipes and food inspiration on a plant-based diet. Here's our top picks for the women on YouTube you should be subscribing to right now!

Bonny Rebecca

Subscribe for: Vegan inspiration and recipe ideas

Switching to a vegan diet helps conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and end deforestation. If you find it hard swallowing down the idea of never eating meat again then take a moment to check out this Sydney-sider's channel. Fall in love with Bonny's feed featuring Insta-worthy, mouth-watering, and planet-friendly recipes. Features include "What I eat in a day" videos, as well as top tips for transitioning to a plant-based diet. With her friendly approach and heap of quality video content, Bonny acts more like a big sister than the highly successful YouTuber she is. To date over 240 000 subscribers have joined her.

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Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers

Subscribe for: Zero-waste tips and DIY

Let Lauren's story be inspiration for you: as a senior at NYU she realised that whilst she was a passionate advocate for green living, at the end of the day she'd still be using and wasting plastic products that contributed to our landfills and global warming. So she decided to turn her words into actions and start a zero-waste movement through blogging, and more recently, a YouTube channel. Her content features easy tips and tricks on how to make the change from wasteful consumption to a zero-waste life, from the food you eat to household staples like toothpaste and deodorant!

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Rachel Aust

Subscribe for: Minimalist living inspiration

Rachel's channel features a myriad of content themes, but our favourite is the Minimalism series where she shows you how easy and beautiful it is to lead a waste-free lifestyle. From fashion to interior design and decluttering out everyday items you never thought you could live without, Rachel's videos are informative and inspirational.

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Kieren from Thrifted Living

Subscribe for: Thrift shop hauls and upcycling DIYs

Australians are the world's second largest consumers of textiles, with 27 kilograms of new clothing on average being purchased each year. If you are one of these shopping addicts, know that this leads to over 6000 kg of clothing and textiles going to our landfills every 10 minutes. So how do we sustainably shop? Check out Kieren's channel for inspiration through her weekly thrift hauls and upcycling DIYs, proving that you can still shop in style while being sustainable!

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Natasha from ThatVeganCouple

Subscribe for: Vegan and Minimalism lifestyle inspiration

Natasha and her husband were once meat eating corporate office workers before they made the switch to a vegan and minimalist lifestyle. Originally based in Australia but now travellers of the world, the duo focus their channel's message on living a simplistic lifestyle without the constraints of consumerism.

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