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A guide to buying quality over quantity!

“Buy quality over quantity!” is one of the most common phrases you’ll hear in the slow fashion community, and the sentiment is correct! It is much more sustainable to buy good quality pieces that will last, than to constantly purchase flimsy, poor-quality, fast fashion outfits that will rip and tear ...


How To Go Thrift Shopping Online

While nothing beats the joy of finding a gem amongst the racks of a second hand store, there are still so many options for finding preloved garments online!


Quit the shopping habit: do these 10 things instead.

In today’s material obsessed society, it’s not hard to see why the instant (yet fleeting) self-esteem boost promised when we make a purchase beckons us so powerfully. But instead of clicking "add to cart", try this emergency guide to earth-friendly, instant happiness.


3 Months Living With Only 33 Clothing And Accessory Items: How It Went & Will We Continue?

For the past three months, two women took on the minimalist challenge Project 333. This is how they thought it went!


Ending Fast Fashion: 6 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

Our shopping decisions are having a catastrophic impact on our planet. So how can we say no to fast fashion?


10 Things To Do Instead Of Shopping On Boxing Day

Do you want to avoid overconsumption and crowds this Boxing Day? Here are some ideas on how to spend your day without spending your money.


Why Are We Still Using Plastic Bags?

Sadly, plastic bags are a routine part of the Australian shopping experience. It doesn't have to be this way - so why are we so addicted to our plastic habit?


The 100 item challenge: Would you try it?

The 100 item challenge is slowly taking on momentum around the world, and it may help you avoid impulse purchasing and gratuitous gift buying.


Hysterical Sale Syndrome, This Is What Black Friday Looks Like

With the prospect of a bargain, sales feed our appetite for consumption. One day does this better than any other, Black Friday.