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3 Months Living With Only 33 Clothing And Accessory Items: How It Went & Will We Continue?

For the past three months, two women took on the minimalist challenge Project 333. This is how they thought it went!

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What It's Like To Stick To Wearing Only 33 Items For Three Months

Two friends take on the Minimalist's 333 Challenge and tell us how it went!

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What's A Yurt And Why Should You Live In One

Could this be how you achieve your dream of living a minimalist life in the mountains?

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5 Great Sustainability Podcasts To Play Now

Become a sustainability expert while you’re on the go with these 5 captivating podcasts.

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How To Live Sustainably When You're Eternally Busy

Being busy makes it so easy to fall into a state of being barely committed to your environmental lifestyle.

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5 Ideas, (Instead Of More Stuff,) That Belong In The Trash

We're all about downsizing and minimalism, so we've decided to apply the concept to our ideologies, too!


How to get organised: Here’s everything you need to get your life in order

Clean, tidy, recycle and organise your way to a less stressful life!


What It's Really Like to Buy Nothing New

Guest blogger Jen Gale from Make Do And Mend Life shares her journey of buying nothing new for a year.