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Wild Child: The Importance Of Exposing Children To Nature

Guest Blogger Tammy Logan from Gippsland Unwrapped explores the concept of "Nature-Deficit-Disorder' and why we need some "wild time".


Why are these schools banning meat? Check out the environmental and health logic behind the decision to go plant-based in the canteen

A school in California has become the first in the United States to switch to a 100% plant-based menu in a big win for the environment and for the health of the students.


The Warrior Project: Children’s faces capture hopes and fears for the future of the planet

Through her photography, Tailinh Agoyo captures the vibrancy and strength of Native American people today.


Creativity inspiring climate action: how creative people can make a difference

What are the links between climate action, education and creativity?


How to be sustainable when you have a baby

Simone from What Are You Wasting For? aims to fill only one large garbage bin of trash this year. She tells us how she does it with a small child!


DIY furniture for kids sparks creativity and reduces waste

One solution to reducing the 9.8 million tonnes of furniture waste ending up in U.S. landfills each year


Educating for sustainability: why teaching the next generation to look after the planet is vital for our survival

The future is bright if we can inspire our young people to act sustainably


This children’s book grows into a tree when you plant it

Incredible design teaches kids the meaning of caring for our planet


Why farming should be a compulsory school subject

Many school are introducing farming and sustainability activities during the school day and we couldn't be happier!