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Australia violated the rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to act on climate change, the UN says. Here’s what that means

In a landmark decision, a United Nations committee on Friday found Australia’s former Coalition government violated the human rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to adequately respond to the climate crisis.


Good news: highway underpasses for wildlife actually work

To find out whether animal underpasses work, we used wildlife cameras to monitor 12 underpasses for more than two years in north-east New South Wales.


Time’s up: why Australia has to quit stalling and wean itself off fossil fuels

Unfortunately, Australia is not behaving as if the largest issue facing us is urgent – in fact, we’re doubling down on fossil fuels. In recent years, Australia overtook Qatar to become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG).


What does it mean to 'vote for climate'?

​On the 21st of May, Australians will be going to the polls to decide which government will be in power for the next three years. Given how critical this decade is for climate action, it is not an overstatement to say that this is the most important election this country ...


5 big ideas: how Australia can tackle climate change while restoring nature, culture and communities

we already have solutions based in restoring nature and Country. In fact, nature-based solutions can deliver one third of promised global cuts in emissions.


Wind turbines off the coast could help Australia become an energy superpower, research finds

​Offshore wind farms are an increasingly common sight overseas. But Australia has neglected the technology, despite the ample wind gusts buffeting much of our coastline.


Climate change will cost a young Australian up to $245,000 over their lifetime, court case reveals

No longer are the financial impacts of climate change a vague future loss – they’re now a tangible, quantifiable harm.


To Tackle The Climate Crisis We Need A Government That Will Do These Things

If we want to protect the planet’s ability to sustain life, we need a government that will prioritise reducing and drawing down GHG emissions.


Can We Share A Minute’s Silence For 3 Billion Animals?

We can use our love for these animals and our beautiful wild places that in turn sustain our health and wellbeing to achieve a safer climate for all animals including ourselves.