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You Can't Talk Coal Without Talking Climate Change

The Galilee Basin’s coal will “improve air quality and lower greenhouse gases” is the latest claim in support of a giant coal mine planned for Queensland, Australia. It seems unfathomable that in 2017 lines where politicians are spruiking that coal is “good for the environment” are still gaining airtime.


Australia is blowing it's carbon budget, but here's what you can do

If Australia continues to emit the same amount of pollution as it has for the past year, then it is projected to spend the entire carbon budget by 2031.


​Bob Brown vows to sit in the way of bulldozers to stop coal mine

This former Greens leader is willing to put himself on the line to prevent Carmichael


A Marine Heatwave Has Wiped Out A Swathe Of WA’s Undersea Kelp Forest

The 2011 heatwave hit kelp forests hard along a long stretch of WA coast.


Respecting Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge

The indigenous people of the world possess an immense traditional knowledge of their environments, passed on from generation to generation and are key in creating sustainable solutions to development challenges, such as those we are facing due to climate change.​​


​Youth Vote: What do our young people care about?

18 to 24-year-olds have the worst number of voter enrolments in our country, so how can we engage them?


Climate change, tourism and the Great Barrier Reef: what we know

Behind the tourism vs the planet debate


Labor’s phased emissions trading scheme

Labor has announced a six point climate change strategy, aimed at increasing renewable energy use, improving energy efficiency and transitioning away from old and inefficient coal power stations.


Election 2016: climate politics off to a chilly start, but could still heat up

Environmental groups are pushing hard to ensure that climate change will not be forgotten in the election.