Sustainable remodelling: How to make your bathroom more energy efficient

Bathroom remodelling doesn't just have to enhance its appeal: it can also be a great opportunity to save water, energy, and money.

There are many options to choose from when you want to give your bathroom a makeover. These options range from the colours of your bathroom walls to the type of cabinetry. However, there is more to a bathroom than its appeal, and sometimes it is easy to forget the amount of energy wasted in your bathroom. So, when considering bathroom remodelling ideas, why not look at options that will look good and work efficiently.

Like most energy efficiency measures, the cost of upgrading your bathroom with more energy efficient features will eventually pay for itself.

Check out these great tips for planning your energy efficient bathroom:

Water-Saving Shower Heads

The flow rate of old shower heads is about 2.5 gallons (9.4L) per minute. However, modern, energy efficient shower fixtures can significantly lower the amount of water wasted in the bathroom. Water saving bathroom shower heads maintain pressure without compromising water flow. In fact, you will hardly notice a difference in water flow after you swap them out.

Energy Efficient Taps

Just like water efficient shower heads, energy efficient tap aerators can help you cut your bathroom water usage by half. Installing tap aerators is one of the most affordable ways of reducing your bathroom's water usage. As with energy efficient shower heads, modern aerators are designed to keep the pressure high without compromising water flow. However, you should also check for leaks from your bathroom fixtures and make necessary repairs. This can cause wasting of significant amounts of water each day.

Low Flow toilets

Many modern bathrooms come with dual flush toilets featuring settings. If your bathroom doesn't already have a dual flush toilet, consider installing a flush converter that allows you to adjust settings depending on the amount of water you need for each flush. Another affordable option is to install a tank bag designed to displace water used in a tank to eliminate water wastage when flushing the toilet.

Bathroom lighting

Is your bathroom too bright?. You can measure the brightness using a light meter, which can also tell you how your bathroom lighting compares to room lighting standards. Also consider swapping out your bathroom bulbs for LEDs, which will significantly cut your bathroom energy usage.


Windows are a great place to start when remodelling your bathroom: Consider replacing your current windows with energy efficient ones that carry the energy star label. These types of windows are insulated to prevent your bathroom from becoming too hot or too cold. Bathroom energy efficient windows come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, giving homeowners a huge amount choice when renovating.

Check for signs of draft and caulk around your windows to determine if air is getting in. Consider covering your windows with plastic if the panes are drafty. Adding or upgrading window insulation will make your bathroom warmer (and more planet-friendly!).

Floors, Walls, Ceiling, and Counters

Your choice of floor, wall and counter materials will affect how much you spend on your bathroom remodelling and how often you'll need to do a major fix-up. The materials that you use won't only only determine your bathroom's overall appearance, but also its energy efficiency and carbon footprint. Wood is a great energy saving bathroom ceiling material and will give your bathroom a natural look. However, it requires regular maintenance and protection from water and moisture. Tile is also a great option for your bathroom floor and a safe way to go.

Go Fanless

Consider leaving your bathroom exhaust fan turned off, especially during winter. Bathroom fans pull heat and humidity from outside, so keep it turned off if you want your bathroom to be more energy efficient during winter.

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