Stylish underwear provides women with eco-friendly way to manage life's little unmentionables

Underwear just got a whole lot ‘smarter,’ it’s called Modibodi

MOST people would not give too much thought to their underwear, but Australian mother Kristy Chong did and now she has invented a fashionable new underwear label that uses technology to address issues most people thought they just had to live with.

Modibodi was developed out of a desire to give women a better line of underwear. Underwear that is stylish, comfortable, and provides women with a more eco-friendly way to manage life's little unmentionables - sweat, light bladder weakness, period overflow/spotting, discharge - without the need for panty liners and nursing pads.

Modibodi's patent pending Modifier Technology is moisture wicking, absorbent, stain resistant, breathable, super slim and antibacterial. Modibodi garments are machine washable and will last as long as regular underwear or clothing.

By choosing to wear Modibodi garments over liners or pads, 750 panty liners per year, per woman (based on 2 liner per day) and over 800 breast pads per birth (based on 4 sets per day for 10 weeks) could be prevented from being thrown into landfill.

Kristy is married to world class cardiac researcher and Cardiologist James Chong, so when she said she wanted to make underwear that could protect women without liners, they took a scientific approach and created smarter underwear.

"While out running one day I realised that my underwear might look nice, but it was failing to protect me against sweat, and the occasional bladder weakness. The thought of wearing daily panty liners just did not seem right, so I spoke to friends and family and found I wasn't alone in my frustrations with various issues down there and the options available. So I decided to rethink the basic notion that underwear was as good as it could be and looked at how I could make it better," said Mrs Kristy Chong.

"I spent thousands of hours researching, developing and testing more than 100 different technology prototypes; months working with experienced Australian underwear designers and many weeks liaising with textile consultants to develop underwear that was fashionable, comfortable and most importantly kept me dry, fresh and confident," she said.

1 in 3 women have bladder weakness, and 1 in 2 women experience menstrual overflow. Many women choose to wear panty liners, but they are not great for the environment, and are generally fairly horrible to wear. Modibodi is a more eco-friendly option that many women could benefit from.

Modibodi's can be used for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Light bladder weakness;
  2. sweat absorption during exercise or in hot weather;
  3. extra protection during periods or for irregular periods;
  4. people who experience spotting;
  5. absorption of discharge;
  6. people who are conscious of odour; and
  7. freshness on long haul flights;teenage girls expecting their period
Modibodi Classic Bikini and Classic Breastfeeding Singlet

Modibodi Classic Bikini and Classic Breastfeeding Singlet

Modibodi is available to buy online at

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