Scrummy tinned bean recipe roundup (save this one for later!)

Tinned butter and cannellini beans are having a serious moment. Instagram is full of quick and easy recipes starring beans as their cheap, nutritious hero, paired with crunchy toast. And we're pretty happy about it - this inspiration has led to us adding delicious and quick dishes on our meal rotation.

Here are some of the recipes we're tried out, or saved for an upcoming meal!

Creamy mushroom cannellini beans

We've made this and done a bit of improvising with what was in the cupboard, which meant roast tomatoes and kale on top instead of mushrooms and no truffle oil. And we can tell you that it worked a treat!

Caribbean inspired butter bean curry

Beans alla vodka

Creamy charred corn beans

Bean "hummus" bowl

This one's an old favourite! You can also find the recipe for the alternative hummus here and here's a video for some inspo on using it!

If you have any favourite bean recipes, share them with us in the comments below. Happy cooking!

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