Our submission into the Senate Inquiry into Residential Electrification

We're inputting to shape policy for residential electrification here in Australia! Our voices and our lived experiences are so important and can help the government as they consider policies to increase the uptake of electrification in homes. As we go on the household transformation journey with Women Power we aim to highlight the realistic challenges women face when trying to electrify their homes and how the government can best provide support to navigate these challanges. To open this dialogue 1 Million Women made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Residential Electrification - from a multi partisan committee tasked with exploring the opportunities for household electrification.

With 42.4% of our domestic emissions coming from households, we can not underestimate the impact that we have when we cut our emissions! Creating energy efficient and 100% electric homes will not only reduce carbon emissions and cost of living pressures on Australians but will also be better for our health and wellbeing.

In the submission we asked for:

  • Policies that will provide financial incentives for electrification improvements including induction cooktops, household solar and storage batteries, heat pumps, etc. so that we can remove one of the biggest barriers - the upfront costs.
  • Support that specifically allows for an equitable uptake of electrification, focused on low income earners, renters and strata support for apartment buildings.

You can read our submission here (submission 82), or below.

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