What to read and watch to learn more about energy, electrification and gas

Thinking about switching our homes to efficient, electric energy systems is overwhelming. Even thinking about changing a gas cooktop to an induction one is overwhelming. But energy is too important of a topic to ignore, and we need to be invested in the move away from fossil fuels like gas, to energy efficient systems, clean renewable energy and the electric appliances ready to use this energy!

Here at 1 Million Women we are strong believers in learning as you go. So no matter where you're starting from, come along on an electrification journey with us by brushing up on some knowledge. And if you haven't already, sign up to be part of our Women Power community, exploring the small and large changes we can make in our home to help us move beyond fossil fuels.

We've broken this resource list down into three categories to help you navigate what electrification means and why it's so important. We have resources for those just starting out, those who know a bit but want to learn more, and those who are ready to become experts!

I'm just starting out - what is this all about?

Start here with this seven minute videoof our founder Natalie Isaacs on the New Joneses, she chats all about energy efficiency and electrification (you can also check out all their episodeson electrification).

What's the problem with gas?

What does it mean to electrify? How would we even do it?

I've read about it in the news but want more details and tools to help me move off gas

You'll see Saul Griffith coming up a lot across our resource list, and it's for a good reason! He's pretty much Mr Electrify and so if you're eager to start digging into electrification we're again recommending a longer form piece from him with this hour long conversation at the Australian National University.

Then dive into these to get started on your personal energy efficiency and electrification journey:

And these to learn more about the bigger picture:

If you want to connect with likeminded people we recommend joining the My Efficient Electric Home (MEEH) facebook group - This is an amazing group of everyday people electrifying their homes who regularly share tips, ask questions and support each other!

I want to be an expert

Welcome to the club of energy enthusiasts!

Here are some more in-depth resources we love:

Got a great resource to share with our community? Let us know in the comments below.