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Interview: Creating comfortable homes with Sonja Markovic

We spoke with Co-Founder and CEO of Evitat, Sonja Markovic, about how she founded the home renovation platform to help build sustainably


Lessons we can all learn from countries at the forefront of renewable energy

It is clear that we, as individuals, and governments must embrace a renewable energy future. Here's what can we learn from the countries already doing it well.


How do I use air conditioning efficiently? Is it better to blast it briefly throughout the day, or just leave it on? blast or not to blast?


Considering rooftop solar, battery or hot water heat pump? This tool does a customised cost-effective analysis for you!

Find out which option is most cost-effective and best fits your home!


Our submission into the Senate Inquiry into Residential Electrification

We're inputting to shape policy for residential electrification here in Australia! Read our submission here #1MREADY


What’s a Heat Pump Hot Water System and what are the benefits of switching to one?

As we transform our homes to get off gas, hot water heating is one of the processes in our home that we can look at first. We investigated heat pumps as a solution to this and found out how they actually work!


We could power households from the scraps in our food waste bins – here’s what is stopping us

​Imagine if you could power your kettle using the energy generated from the vegetable cuttings quietly breaking down in your kitchen's compost bin.


How To Create The Most Planet Friendly Home Possible

Homes that are good for our planet are also cheaper to run! Here's how to do it - from building, to the appliances you buy.


4 Renewable Energy Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

Get some career inspiration from four amazing women in the sector!