Costa Rica has used only renewable energy for this year!

A great milestone for Costa Rica and the world!

Costa Rica has been using solely renewable energy to generate power for at least the first 75 days of this year, which is a record for any country in the world!

This exotic Central American country is renowned for its energy policy for some time, and has now achieved their goal due to heavy rain for the first three months of this year. They have not used fossil fuels since december of 2014!

Last year, 80 percent of their energy came from hydropower and geothermal energy made up 10 percent. New geothermal projects are in planning, in the goal that Costa Rica will never have to rely on fossil fuels again!

The first geothermal plant, when completed, is expected to produce 55 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power 55,000 homes.

It is important to remember that Costa Rica is a small country, with a total area of about 51,000 sure kilometres and 4.8 million people. But their achievement is extremely amazing regardless, other countries would need to tackle this is different ways though.

In Australia, more than 80% of our electricity is generated from high-polluting coal-fired power stations. Every country in the world needs to take notice of what Costa Rica is doing and do the same! This is also an example that it can be done.

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