Coca-Cola greenwashing to attract health-conscious consumers!

Coca-Cola has launched their new "green" drink in the hope of targeting health conscious consumers. Coke's vibrant green labelled drink claims lower calories with much less sugar.

This is an example of how slapping a logo on something, calling it healthier and painting it green can make people think they are making a healthier choice for themselves and for the environment, which is simply not true. Being environmentally conscious is not a trend, it is not a label, or a group accepted as a niche. It is a way of life, it is the way every person on earth should be. It is being human, not a sub-culture.

This new soft drink is 6.6 percent sugar, compared to the 10.6 percent in full-sugar coke, but this doesn't make it healthy, according to the Cancer Council Australia public health expert Craig Sinclair.

Coke Life is sweetened with a blend of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract, which is a native plant in South America. The danger is that health orientated consumers will switch to Coke Life and up their daily dose of sugar or someone who normally drinks one can of full sugar coke might drink more cans of Coke Life. Any scenario could occur, the problem is that people are tricked into believing something that is not true.

The sugar intake is worrying, but we are more concerned with the idea that something coloured green is considered to be good! People are now instilled with this idea, and coca-cola has taken advantage of that.

Being green is not a trend, remember that and don't be misguided by marketing tricks!

What you can do

Do shopper research on carbon footprint before you buy

CO2 pollution is embedded in everything we buy. By looking for Australian-made products, credible environmental claims, and minimal and recyclable packaging, we can minimise pollution.

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