[WATCH] New Zealand's majestic glowworm caves look like the night sky

This time-lapse video by photographer Jordan Poste makes you feel like you’re walking through a glowworm cave

The delicate processes in nature never fail to inspire and amaze. There's few natural light shows quite as incredible as what occurs in a glowworm cave. Thanks to Jordan Poste, who has assembled a stunning 60-hour time-lapse video of the twinkling caverns (part of which can be viewed below), we can get a sense of what it's like to visit these caves from wherever we are in the world.

Filming this involved Joseph sleeping in caves for multiple days in complete darkness with just the sounds of the cave to keep him company (and the occasional eel).

"It's similar to lying down outside under the stars and just looking at the sky and emptying your mind," explained Poste.

"It's extra special, though, because you realize they aren't stars, but worms with glowing bums."
- Joseph Poste

New Zealand glowworms (Arachnocampa luminosa) are not actually worms, but a larval form of a gnat commonly found by the thousands in natural caves and mines throughout New Zealand. The glow is the result of a chemical reaction that involves luciferin, a light-emitting compound found in several organisms capable of bioluminescence.

Get lost in this ethereal video of New Zealand's glowworm caves

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