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Climate change will cost a young Australian up to $245,000 over their lifetime, court case reveals

No longer are the financial impacts of climate change a vague future loss – they’re now a tangible, quantifiable harm.


Young people Won’t Accept Inaction On Climate Change, And They’ll Be Voting In Droves

Youth enrolment is at a record high and climate change is at the forefront of young people’s minds as many of them head to the polls for the first time.


How To Be An Activist When You Don't Like The Spotlight

Want to make a difference but don't know how? Here's a list of inspiring activists making a change through the way they live.


A Weekend Itinerary That Won't Cost You Or The Planet

Spending less benefits both you and the planet – but how do you have fun on a zero-dollar budget?


​Sustainable fun in the winter holidays

Winter holiday activity ideas for planet-loving famillies


​This conservationist is only 12 years old!

Luca Berardi may be young, but he's determined to have his voice heard


​Save Our Spaceship: Kids' petition to "make the world a better place"

"We are asking our nation's leaders to give us a pinky promise to take urgent action on climate change"


​Youth Vote: What do our young people care about?

18 to 24-year-olds have the worst number of voter enrolments in our country, so how can we engage them?


Tips, tricks and ideas to make life with kids more sustainable

Calling all parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, neighbours and everyone else with young people in their life!