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Up on a roof: why New Zealand’s move towards greater urban density should see a rooftop revolution

Are we ready for a rooftop revolution? Humans have made use of roof spaces since the invention of housing. With the growth of cities and the increasingly difficult access to space, maybe the answer has been on the roof all along.


How To Create A Bee Friendly Garden In Small Spaces

Creating a bee-friendly space is an easy step for us all to take to support the bees


Top Ten Flowers to Plant in Your Garden to Attract Australian Native Bees

Make your garden a native bee haven by planting these flowers.


These Amazing Plants Only Need Air To Grow

They can survive in just about any weather conditions.

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No Garden? Five Creative Ways City Dwellers Can Still Grow Their Own

With more people than ever living in cities, how do we reconcile our need for fresh fruit and vegetables with the challenges of life in an urban environment where the time and space for gardening are limited?


Kale: Tips And Tricks For Growing Your Own

Learn how to grow your own organic kale so you can harvest leaves right through the winter months.


How to Grow Your Own Lemon Tree From Seed

When life gives you lemons, make trees! Even during winter and autumn, a productive lemon tree can be growing inside of your home.


How to Grow Snow peas

Not sure what to plant in your autumn veggie patch? Why not give some snow peas a go!


How to Grow Cauliflowers at Home

Looking for ideas of what to plant in your autumn garden? Why not give cauliflowers a go!