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Covid-19 and Travel: What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Sustainable Travel

We've all had to alter our ideas of the perfect holiday. Covid-19 has forced many of us to take a look at what we have closer to home, and doing so benefits both us and the environment.


How A Visit To The Great Barrier Reef Taught Me That Travel Can Help Fight Climate Apathy

Travel sparks a range of emotions, which are all usually positive but for the climate conscious traveller guilt can also creep in. Here’s how we can use travel as a force for good.


Helping Bushfire Affected Communities: Why We Need You To Come And Visit Us

These fires have been horrific and perhaps today or tomorrow isn't safe, but don't let it keep you away forever. Brave the cooler weather, take the money you would have spent on a flight to Bali and come to explore or just relax.

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Does Buying Carbon Offsets Make Flying Okay?

Is carbon offsetting really all it says it is? Well, it’s complicated.


How Hiking Can Help The Planet

You've heard of slow food, but what about slow travel?


5 Things To Pack for a Planet-Friendly Holiday

Whether you’re taking off for a few days or months, these simple supplies and travel tips are guaranteed to reduce your environmental impact and save you some money while on the road!


I cycled across America on a bamboo bicycle to learn about our impact on the planet

​I decided that changing my life wasn't going to be a burden. Instead it was going to be fun and an adventure.


How to travel the world (without harming it too much!)

One traveller shares her top tips for treading lightly on the earth

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What three months of travelling taught me about minimalist living

Learning to fit your life into a backpack is a lesson in sustainable living