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‘Biodegradable’ Plastic Will Soon Be Banned In Australia. That’s A Big Win For The Environment

Biodegradable plastic promises a plastic that breaks down into natural components when it's no longer wanted for its original purpose.


This Ocean Rubbish Bin Cleans Up Our Waterways!

If we can have rubbish bins on land then why not have them in the ocean? This was the thought that inspired founders Andre Turton and Pete Ceglinski.


Ten ‘Stealth Microplastics’ To Avoid If You Want To Save The Ocean

Government legislation on plastic consumption, even if adopted worldwide, wouldn’t actually wipe out “microplastics” in the environment. Microplastics are hidden in many places - here's where to find them.


There Are Some Single-use Plastics We Truly Need. The Rest We Can Live Without

Most of us will get along just fine without throwaway plastic in our daily lives. But there are nevertheless many legitimate applications for single-use plastics.


This Couple Is Helping Australians Find Trash Free Takeaway Food

Feeling guilty about the pile of plastic rubbish after your Friday night take-away? This couple is here to help!


Beyond Plastics: The Next Steps Towards Sustainable Living

So you've ditched plastic's BIG 4. Now what?


Why We Need To Stop Plastic Pollution Right Now

And some cool new initiatives helping to clean up our act.

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We Don't Need To Quit Plastic - We Just Need To Value It

Is learning to love plastic the way we end our problem with pollution?


The Oceans Are Full Of Plastic, But Why Do Seabirds Eat It?

Imagine that you are constantly eating, but slowly starving to death. Hundreds of marine species face this risk every day.