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Why climate change is worse for women (and how we can make it better)

How are climate change and women’s empowerment connected?


What Is Ecofeminism?

How can I ensure my rights as a woman are upheld? How do I confirm that the sanctity of the planet is cared for? How can I guarantee that the rights of all living things are respected without diminishing or isolating other marginalized groups in the process? The answer lies ...


How to Talk to a Climate Change Denier

In 2016 it’s both astounding and tiring that we’re still having a conversation about whether or not climate change is real or man made. We’re in a climate emergency and the solution will require all of us getting on board.


Fast facts about animal agriculture to help you get informed

What impacts do animal farming and livestock production have on our planet? We sort the fact from the fiction


[Guest post] Have you heard of Environmental Migration?

"Every single human being is responsible for climate change, so we should see environmental migration as something which we are indirectly contributing to."


Six Signs The Climate Is Right For A Paris Agreement

This is our movement. This is our moment. Here are six indicators the tide is turning on climate change – just in time for negotiations in Paris.


Why is coal such a big issue?

The negative effects of the coal industry