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Declining sea ice in Antarctica and how it affects us all

The extent of sea ice surrounding Antarctica during the summer of 2022/23 was at its lowest level ever but even though we are far away from Antarctica, our actions can still contribute to stopping the ice levels drop further.


The Proof That Climate Change Is Here

The link between the current weather events and climate change is strong and undeniable. Global temperatures are on the rise and setting more and more high temperature records.

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Climate Change Is Happening In Your Garden: Here’s How To Spot It

Are your flowers emerging earlier this year?

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Why Quitting Plastic Will Help Stop Climate Change

Plastic is bad and so is climate change. But how exactly are they linked?


What will the world actually look like at 1.5°C of warming?

The high ambition of the Paris Agreement, to limit global warming to “well below 2°C”, was driven by concern over long-term sea level rise. A warmer climate inevitably means melting ice – you don’t need a computer model to predict this, it is simple common sense.


Mark Ruffalo, Noam Chomsky and Sir David Attenborough Join Forces for Climate Change Documentary

​This has been a film 15 years in the making, but there has never been a more important time to release it.


Arctic Birds Face Disappearing Breeding Grounds As Climate Warms

Arctic migrants such as the Sanderling face an uncertain future.


The impact of climate change on coffee

How will a warmer, drier planet affect your morning coffee?


Direct Action not giving us bang for our buck on climate change

Direct Action is the centrepiece of Australia’s current greenhouse gas reduction efforts, but is it working?