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What vegetables to plant this Spring and Autumn

here are a few easy vegetables to plant in the garden this Spring (if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) and Autumn (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere)


Why Planting A Native Garden Is A Great Idea For You And The Planet!

Here are some more reasons why you should consider planting a native garden


5 Superfoods You Can Grow In Your Garden

You can't beat the taste of fresh produce!


10 Companion Herbs To Plant In Your Garden

While planted herbs are a great addition to any household, companion planting is a sustainable step towards a flourishing garden.

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Climate Change Is Happening In Your Garden: Here’s How To Spot It

Are your flowers emerging earlier this year?


Not Just Nice To Have: Nature In The Workplace Makes Employees Happier And Healthier

Bringing nature into the workplace can help reduce stress and increase creativity and focus, research shows.


Sustainable House Day And What It Takes To Make Your Dream Home Happen

A preview of what's to come this Sustainable House Day - get inspired!

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Go Native: Why We Need ‘Wildlife Allotments’ To Bring Species Back To The ‘burbs

We think of verges as places to park our cars or wheelie bins, but how can we use these grass borders to attract more native wildlife?


How Your Garden Could Help Stop Your City Flooding

Creating a water-sensitive garden can help to intercept stormwater and reduce the damage caused by flooding. Here's how to do it.