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Alternatives to Fast Fashion (That Can Help Save The Planet & Your Wallet)

There are lots of ways to change up our wardrobe, without damaging the planet by consuming fast fashion! Even better, it can save you some money too! Whilst fast fashion may seem cheap, in the long run, it is purchasing quantity over quality.


To make our wardrobes sustainable, we must cut how many new clothes we buy by 75%

It’s better we act to shape the future of fashion and work towards a wardrobe good for people and planet – rather than let a tidal wave of wasted clothing soak up resources, energy and our very limited carbon budget.


Why Fast Fashion is a Feminist Issue

Why are women the most heavily exploited within the textile industry and how does it connect to 'fast fashion'?


How Is Your Fast Fashion Addiction Affecting the Planet?

It's time to face the reality of the waste that fashion creates.


Here's Proof The Fashion World Is Changing

Consumers are demanding sustainability and businesses are listening.


How To Make Sustainable Living A Habit Not A Hassle

Looking to start your climate conscious journey? Take the first steps with this handy guide.


We’re Making The Switch To Bamboo Clothing (And You Should, Too)

We’ve teamed up with Bamboo Monkey to better understand the huge environmental cost of growing cotton.


The Six Free Apps That Every Planeteer Should Have

Every purchase we make and every action we take has an impact on the planet. Load these handy free apps on your smart phone to make informed choices while shopping, gardening, and recycling.


Natural Dyeing With Dandelions

How to create gorgeous yellow tones with natural dandelion dye