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This Bill Could Be The Start Of Real Climate Action In Australia. Here's How You Can Support It.

On March 23 a Climate Change Bill will be presented to Parliament and we need everyone's help to make sure it gets passed.


What’s China’s Role In Tackling The Climate Crisis?

When Sir David Attenborough called on China to lead climate action earlier this month, I realised I didn’t know very much about how China is tackling climate change.


This City Is Banning Natural Gas To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

The proposed ban is the biggest change for Bellingham yet, but it could help them go carbon neutral by 2035!


The Best Of 2019: Stories That Gave Us Hope This Year

Let’s finish 2019 with hope and be inspired by the extraordinary initiatives started around the world this year.


Expect Family Talks About Climate Change This Christmas? Take Tips From Greta Thunberg

We can learn much from Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg – a master of staying on topic.


Less Plastic, No New Clothes And Plant-Based Diets: How 3 Women Cut Their Carbon Footprints

We've rounded up 3 members of the 1 Million Women team to show you what they do day to day.


Work Less To Save The Planet? How To Make Sure A Four-Day Week Actually Cuts Emissions

The wave of interest in a four-day week is no longer just about worker wellbeing – it is also about the environmental impact.


Misogyny, Male Rage And The Words Men Use To Describe Greta Thunberg

Two researchers explain the stereotypical labels deployed by critics to undermine Thunberg’s call to action, which the activist herself has described as “too loud for people to handle”.


Every Activist Is Different: How You Can Use Your Power To Act On The Climate Crisis

We can all use our superpowers to help save the world. Because our world – and our kids – need everyday superheroes like never before.