These people absolutely nailed upcycled Christmas trees, can we live with them too?...

We've talked about the benefits of upcycled Christmas trees as a great option to avoid the wasteful side of the festive season associated with traditional Christmas trees, but here are 10 outstanding upcycled Christmas trees in action.

Store bought or live trees usually end up in landfill. Cut your festive season waste by taking a different road when it comes to your tree this year and save pollution.

1. Crate tree

[Image source: Fresh Design Blog]

2. Driftwood tree

[Image source: Moco Choco]

3. Pallet tree

[Image source: Design Rulz]

4. Bauble tree

[Image source: Moco Choco]

5. Bookshelf tree

[Image source: ffffound]

6. Beer bottle tree

[Image source: Guide Pattern]

7. Wine cork tree

[Image source: Hong Kiat]

8. Mason jar tree

[Image source: Pop Sugar]

9. Lone branch tree

[Image source: House and Garden]

10. Ladder tree

[Image source: Instructables]

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