If you had only 1 bag of possessions, what would be in it?

It's a well known fact that humans of the developed world have way too much stuff, so what if someone was to ask you what you actually value?

We buy things continuously to make us happy, many of us are hoarders and collectors of useless items. It's strange the things we hold value to though, because everyone is different.

If you could live with only one bag of stuff, do you know what you would want to keep in it? I put it to the test in my office, everyone had different things that they valued.

For argument's sake, we needed to come up with some guidelines.

1. The bag is the size of carry on airplane luggage

2. Clothing - Because of the many different climates and the extremely difficult task of trying to figure out what clothes you would keep, let's just say that each person will have the minimal amount of clothing! Underwear and socks not included, but should still be minimal.

3. The lists are written assuming you will have a bed and shower to sleep in every night.

It's interesting to see what people find important, and how they differentiate between every one. For example, I obviously don't find a toothbrush all that important seeing as I completely forgot about it on my list! Here's how our team went:

Barbara Dick- Operations Manager

1.Minimal clothes

2.Toothbrush and toothpaste

3.Shower gel

4.Lip balm

5.Face wash

6.Hair brush


8.Phone (that does alarm clock, calls and texts, internet, camera, music…) and charger

9.Wallet containing passport, drivers licence…


11.Hard drive with movies (if no access to internet) and all my photos

12.My kindle with at least a few books in it




16.Emergency chocolate

Bronte Hogarth- Head of Communcations

1. Minimal clothes

2. Iphone and iPhone charger (has iBooks for lots of reading, music, camera, alarm clock, internet)

3. Jurlique facial oil

4. Coconut oil (for body, hair and cooking)

5. Small tub of Paw Paw ointment

6. Reusable Water bottle

7. Glasses and sunglasses

8. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

9. Sarong (can double as a towel)

10. Go pro

11. Travel wallet (passport, money, cards)

Steph Newman- Social Media Intern

1. Waterproof Jacket

2. Money

3. Laptop

4. Headphones

5. Facecloth

6. hairbrush

7. Iphone (Phone, camera and iPod all in one)

8. Paperback book (swapped for other books when finished)

9. Pen and pencil

10. Notebook and glue stick

Shea Hogarth- Staff Writer (Me)

1. Minimal Clothes

2. Film Camera (I guess this means I need film as well)

3. Phone

4. Laptop

5. Book (of choice at that time, then trade for another)

6. Hard drive with lots of movies

7. Ipod

8. Headphones

9. Passport

10. Mascara (Because without it I look like a foetus)

11. My favourite gloves that I wear everywhere

12. My diary

What would you keep in your bag?

What you can do

Reduce what you buy and always ask: Do I really need this?

Over-consumption and waste in our throwaway society are placing an intolerable strain on the planet's natural resources and environment, with climate change a major symptom of the problem.

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Join us and be counted.

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