[VIDEO] How to make your own worm farm

Imagine paying for 5 shopping bags filled with food then walking outside and immediately throwing one bagful in the bin. Sounds crazy right? You can reduce your food waste dramatically with a worm farm. Even better, this one you can DIY.

The fact is that Australians waste at least 20% of the food we buy –That's $1 out of every $5.

This comes at a huge environmental cost as methane released from food decomposing in landfill contributes to global warming and climate change.

Having a worm farm at home will help dramatically reduce your food waste going to landfill, and reduce your carbon footprint too. Imagine if a million or more of us did this. Think of the impact we would have.

Check out this awesome DIY video on how to 'Make your own worm farm' from the fantastic Lish Fejer and Berni Hobbs.

Why worm farms?

You can recycle your own waste

Instead of throwing your banana peels into the garbage bin to rot, household waste can be turned into worm food/compost – not even waste need be wasted!

Your garden will flourish

Worm farming creates a natural compost that can benefit your garden tenfold – Because this form of compost is completely self-made and natural, the germination process is enhanced; your fruits veggies and flowers will thrive - a much nicer alternative to store bought composts!

Educating kids

Worm farms are a great way to educate children about recycling (and let's face it, who didn't love to play with worms as a kid?). It can teach our young ones valuable lessons about sustainability, and the importance of even the smallest creatures in our eco-systems.

Worms help fight global warming!

A recent study at Yale University found that worms could help buffer the impact of global warming (Lewis, 2015). Worms do this by eating microbes, which are tiny organisms responsible for releasing a substantial amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Worms still not for you? How about composting? Here's our ultimate guide to composting to help you get started.

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