Foldable Solar Paper can charge your smart phone in 2.5 hours!

This is the thinnest and lightest solar charger invented, and can charge an array of appliances wherever you are!

This lightweight solar paper is so light that you can clip it to your backpack and charge while walking around. Which makes this the perfect device for outdoorsy people!

The basic 5 watt solar charger launched by Solar Paper, can charge your smartphone on a sunny day, but if you need more power to charge a bigger appliance, or if it is cloudy, then you can click more magnetic panels into place!

This is the most compact solar panel I have ever seen, which makes it that much more appealing.

We are in an age of efficiency and sustainability. Although the efficiency part may mean that we lose out on some of the simpler pleasures of life, waiting for your phone to charge inside or frantically trying to locate a powerpoint when you see the little red bar is definitely not one of those pleasures!

You can put these solar paper panels in a notebook.

And it is waterproof!

What do you think? Imagine if you could charge any appliance wherever you are. Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more.

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