7 tips for keeping warm, naturally.

Heating bills are a huge concern in the colder months, both for the household budget and for the environment.

One of the main questions going around the 1MW community at the moment is, 'how I can keep warmer without the use of a heater or an electric throw?'.

Here are 7 tips for keeping warm, naturally.

1. Close all of your windows properly.

This is one I always forget, then wonder why it's so cold at night. Even making sure windows are latched makes a difference in the amount of cold that can sneak in!

2. Put up curtains.

A pretty easy one. A set of heavy curtains can block heavy flows of air. Open them when the sun is shining and close them when it's not.

3. Seal your doors.

It may sound extreme but it really works! Think about investing in some weather-stripping or a door sweep. Or alternatively, you can stuff a towel at the bottom of the door as a draft dodger.

4. Let as much sun hit your house as possible.

Look around at your windows. Are there any obstructions that are blocking you from those sweet sunrays (think shed, pot plants, etc.)?

5. Closed off any unused rooms.

Seems obvious, but many of us forget to do it. Closed doors make barriers between you and the frigid outdoors AND stop the air circulating as much, reducing heat loss.

6. Put down a rug or carpet.

Rugs and carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor. They look fancy and they provide a softer, warmer surface to walk on.

7. Dress warmly.

Yes, Mum and Dad you were right – dressing warmly makes all the difference. A large percentage of your body heat is lost through the head region, so a hat is a crucial friend at a time like this. Scarves and turtlenecks also work wonders.

What you can do

Turn heaters and air-conditioners down to reduce energy use

Heating and cooling our homes has a major impact on household emissions. By dressing for the season and weather, and using less heating and air-conditioning, we can make real $ savings too.

807 Tonnes of CO2
savings pledged
Pledge to do this

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