Winners Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have done it again. Bringing together the most hilarious moments in the animal kingdom, this competition celebrates our natural world in all of its weird and wonderful glory.

The latest winners are no exception. Founded by Paul Joynson-Hicks, the inaugural Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards narrow down the funniest nature shots by wildlife photographers in the year past. Here are the winners from 2016.

'A tough day at the office' Angela Bohlke, Winner

'Damn!' Nicolas de Vaulx, Winner

'Excuse me' Jim Chen, Winner

'Say cheese!' Thomas Bullivant, Winner

'The world upside down' Mario Fiorucci, Winner

'Dream' Mario Fiorucci, Winner

'Head shot' Tom Stables, Highly commended

'Maestro' Perdita Petzl, Highly commended

'He went that way...' Austin Thomas, Highly commended

'Hello!' Philip Marazzi, Highly commended

'Curious' Mario Fiorucci, Highly commended

'Grizzly bear fail' Rob Kroenert, Highly commended

'Warrior of the grassland' Anup Deodhar, Highly commended

'Angel bear' Adam Parsons, Highly commended

Want some more giggles? Then check out the 2015 winners.


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