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Ethical fashion shoppers are scorned by others – and the headlines don’t help

How can we move past the sensational headlines towards encouraging everyone to shop more ethically?


Thread Harvest are helping to change the fashion industry for good

1 Million Women teamed up with Thread Harvest to learn about a few conscious fashion brands changing the fashion industry, and we got to have fun being styled sustainably along the way.


5 crazy facts from new fashion documentary 'The True Cost'

Documentary 'The True Cost' unravels the sad facts behind fast-fashion....


[VIDEO] The REAL cost of cheap fashion

Would you still want to buy the t-shirt after seeing this?


Fashion Revolution celebrates the future of sustainable fashion

It's Fashion Revolution Day tomorrow! Celebrate local and sustainable designers by wearing their clothing, and researching brands before you buy.


How can we change the future of fashion?

Sustainability when it comes to material possessions, for me it means buying less, which is the polar opposite of what the fashion industry has grown to be about...


5 reasons to buy Australian made clothing

One way to practice conscious consuming is to buy clothes made here in Australia. Here are 5 reasons to shop Australian made.


It's time to talk about conscious consuming!

The time has come again for new fashion trends to be introduced at annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, so where does conscious consuming and sustainable fashion fit in?


Toxic clothing exposed: Zara, Esprit and other fast-fashion brands

How toxic are your threads? 1 Million Women looks at research by Greenpeace exposing toxic chemicals in Zara and other fast-fashion brands