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In A World First, Australian University Builds Own Solar Farm To Offset 100% Of Its Electricity Use

It’s the first major university in the world to offset 100% of its electricity use with renewable power produced from its own assets.


Australia Listened To The Science On Coronavirus. Imagine If We Did The Same For Coal Mining

Australian governments listened to the science when it needed to flatten the curve of COVID-19. The same approach is needed if we’re to preserve the places we love and the ecosystems we depend on.


11 Tips To Help Save Energy And Avoid Bill Shock During COVID-19 Isolation

More time spent at home means growing energy bills! Here's what to look out for so yours doesn't grow too much!


How Women Are Bringing Clean Solar Energy To Their Communities In Africa

The work of this organisation, and the female entrepreneurs selling light to their communities is so inspiring.


One of Australia’s Leading Sustainable Architects Just Made This Important Switch for The Planet

We can all join the renewable movement, we can opt into a future powered by clean energy and we can take power into our own hands. And that’s exactly what Caroline Pidcock did.


3 Ways You’re Indirectly Supporting The Fossil Fuel Industry (And How To Stop)

Did you know that you may be indirectly contributing more than you thought to fossil fuel companies? Here's how to stop it.


Should The Fossil Fuel Industry Have A Seat At The Climate Negations Table?

The fossil fuel industry now seems poised for an inevitable burial, hopefully never to be dug up again. After years of unmitigated damage to the environment, relentless protests by climate change activists and civil society organizations from around the world finally seemed to have been afforded the gravitas the situation ...

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10 simple actions to lower your household energy consumption

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint


California universities launch experiment to go carbon-neutral ‘at scale’

Two years ago, Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California, pledged that the whole UC system would become the first university in the world to become carbon neutral by 2025.