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Bike kitchens: the community-run repair workshops that help build a culture of cycling

To increase cycling, we need more than extra cycling infrastructure; we need a culture change. A worldwide movement of community bike workshops, also known as bike kitchens, can help.


Throwing Away My Trash: Why Is It So Difficult?

We all know rubbish doesn't just go "away", so let's make it easier to dispose of it in the best way possible!


Where The Heck Do I Put My E-Waste?!

Take responsibility for your impact on the environment one old laptop at a time.


Reprocessing Waste: GreenBatch's Solution To Single-Use Plastic

With Australia’s recycling industry in desperate need of waste solutions, initiatives such as GreenBatch’s plastic bottle reprocessing facility will go a long way.


We Can’t Recycle Our Way To ‘Zero Waste’

While recycling is a great last line of defence, it’s nowhere near as effective as avoiding the waste in the first place.


Five golden rules to help solve your recycling dilemmas

Have you ever found yourself facing your recycling bin, completely befuddled about whether or not you can put a particular item in it? You’re not alone.


We Chat To Australia’s Zero Waste Family

In the last six months the Carter family, from Tasmania, have barely produced enough rubbish to fill a biscuit tin. Oberon and Lauren Carter and their three children have been aiming to live as close to ‘zero waste’ as they can.


What our love affair with coffee pods reveals about our values

In Australia we use 3 million coffee pods a day. That's one billion ninety-five million a year in just one country! Of these billions of coffee pods, only 5% are made from recyclable materials.


When is re-gifting ok?

Your guide to navigating planet-strong gift-giving and receiving