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There's Plastic In Our Drinking Water. So What Can We Do About It?

Would you ever suspect that you're drinking plastic? This study shows it's contaminating our tap water all over the world.


Are Plastic Free Organics Possible? This Supermarket Proves That They Are.

It's time for our supermarkets to get rid of plastic packaged fruit and vegetables.

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1 Million Women Take On The Plastic Free July Challenge

At 1 Million Women we love to hate plastic. That's why we're all taking the challenge to go plastic free this July!

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Plastic Free July: How To Go A Whole Month Without Plastic

Have you signed up for Plastic Free July? Here's how to make it through the month plastic free.

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Message In A Bottle: What Happens To Plastic Litter?

Ever wondered where litter ends up? This clever experiment is tracking plastic to show the impact of litter.

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Package Free DIY Make Up Tutorial

Sick Of Pesky Plastic But Still Want To Wear Make Up? Why Not Make Your Own!


Simple Solutions: How To Avoid Palm Oil

Could a zero waste plastic free lifestyle also help you avoid palm oil?


‚ÄčAmazing innovations transforming plastic waste into a useful resource

Check out some of the incredible ways people around the world are turning trash into treasure


How to Freeze Food Without Using Plastic

You don't need to use plastic when freezing things: here's how