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1 Million Women Take On The Plastic Free July Challenge

At 1 Million Women we love to hate plastic. That's why we're all taking the challenge to go plastic free this July!


Plastic Free July: How To Go A Whole Month Without Plastic

Have you signed up for Plastic Free July? Here's how to make it through the month plastic free.


Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen Plastic Free

Simple alternatives for over packaged cleaning products. Great for anyone who is trying to live plastic free or zero waste.


What I Learned From Failing Plastic Free July

and how I got my plastic-free mojo back.


Busting The Myths Of Plastic Free Living

Do you need to banish all plastic from your life? do you need to make everything from scratch? Do you need to drastically change your life? Not necessarily so.


Why is everyone putting their rubbish in jars?

Jarring is a pretty new concept, in short, it basically means collecting the rubbish you can’t recycle into glass jars. So why is it taking off?


Everything You Need In Your Plastic Free July Toolkit

Plastic Free July (PFJ) aims to raise awareness of the amount of single-use disposable plastic items in our lives, and challenges us to do something about it. This is what you'll need to succeed.


1 Million Women takes part in Plastic Free July, will you join us?

As soon as you start going as plastic-free as possible, you'll realise how doable it is and all the new habits you pick up during your Plastic Free July mission can be adopted long term.