1 Million Women takes part in Plastic Free July, will you join us?

Recently we published an article explaining the brilliant campaign Plastic Free July , here's a little snippet: "Most people have heard of dry July, (or dry January for those in the northern hemisphere).

It's a month-long challenge to refrain from alcohol for the sake of your health and your wallet. Plastic Free July is in the same vein, but instead of only benefitting your body, it benefits the health of the planet. As soon as you start going as plastic-free as possible, you'll realise how doable it is and all the new habits you pick up during your Plastic Free July mission can be adopted long term.

What's the challenge?

The aim is simple: don't use any single use plastic for the whole month of July. The execution takes a bit more creativity, but alternatives are readily available if we just make that extra effort. Check out for loads of tips and to sign up to the challenge." You can read the full post here.

Here at 1 Million Women HQ we have decided to step our commitment to a non-plastic lifestyle this month.

Holly (me), 1MW social media manager: I pride myself on living a pretty eco-friendly lifestyle, however I often slip-up and get a few takeaways through the week. Each one, each time is filled with one use plastic. I'll be giving up all plastic associated with eating on the run.

Bronte, 1MW international correspondent: Bronte is located in Brazil where it is VERY difficult to live plastic free. Her experiences will be very interesting and different to ours in Australia.

Shea, 365 ways coordinator: Shea is our resident uni student, meaning her lifestyle if often filled with caffeinated beverages. This month Shea is giving up all takeaway coffee cups. Many people don't realise this but it is not just the plastic lid that is the offender in takeaway coffee. Most 'paper' cups are coated with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through, meaning composting and recycling does not often happen.


Perhaps most exciting is the competition that has sparked up between Nat and Tara this Plastic Free July. Our co-CEO's will both be doing completely zero waste shopping- but will one of them slip up? They'll be watching each other like hawks and we'll certainly be keeping you up-to-date with all of the findings, tips and savings they encounter.

Every Thursday we'll be checking in with a blog post sharing our journey. This great campaign is an excellent way to remember that all of us can make a difference. If you can make it through the month of July, the next step is a plastic-free six months, a year and even life!

We'd love you to join us,

Tell us in the comments below what you will be giving up this plastic-free July and whenever we check in we want you to share your week with us too!

Together we can change the world!

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