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Alternatives to Fast Fashion (That Can Help Save The Planet & Your Wallet)

There are lots of ways to change up our wardrobe, without damaging the planet by consuming fast fashion! Even better, it can save you some money too! Whilst fast fashion may seem cheap, in the long run, it is purchasing quantity over quality.


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Make sure that your gift choices support your personal beliefs and a fairer future for all


Sustainable Fashion 101: The Beginners Guide To Dressing Ethically

Everything you need to know about how to wear sustainable clothing.


What are the alternatives to leather?

We take a look at the animal-free leather options out there (and why you should consider them)


How to: build your own clothing mending kit

Get yourself ready to repair your own clothes with this guide for putting together a mending kit.


These clothes are made out of recycled food waste

And they look good enough to eat!