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Greenwashing: The Challenge for Conscious Consumers

As people take to the streets (and screens!) to demand change, it finally seems as though brands are taking note - but do they really care or is it all just the work of clever marketing teams?


Unconscious Consuming: How We’re Influenced To Impulse Buy And Buy Things We Don’t Need

We're constantly inundated with a world that encourages us to buy things without even thinking. This is called unconscious consumerism.


Lessons Learnt From The Longest Study On Happiness

What makes a good life? Robert Waldinger and his team at the Harvard Study of Adult Life have been asking this question for the past 75 years.

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What three months of travelling taught me about minimalist living

Learning to fit your life into a backpack is a lesson in sustainable living


Ethical fashion shoppers are scorned by others – and the headlines don’t help

How can we move past the sensational headlines towards encouraging everyone to shop more ethically?


Help! I Don’t Want More Stuff for Christmas

We need to put nostalgia aside and have a sensible conversation about festive waste.


It's time to talk about conscious consuming!

The time has come again for new fashion trends to be introduced at annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, so where does conscious consuming and sustainable fashion fit in?