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We wanted to tap into the power of cooking so we asked our community to tell us what they are cooking while physical distancing at home.


How Women Are Bringing Clean Solar Energy To Their Communities In Africa

The work of this organisation, and the female entrepreneurs selling light to their communities is so inspiring.


‘I Don’t Need A Power Drill, I Only Use It Once A Year!’: How I Started Up A Community Tool Library

Tool libraries don't just reduce waste, they help build resilient communities and save everyone money!


Sustainability in Schools: Ideas to get you started

"Education is humanity's best hope and most effective means in the quest to achieve sustainable development"


Plastic Bag Free Community: A How To Guide

Our step-by-step guide to helping your town become plastic bag free.


​20-year-old rubbish dump turned into a lush garden

Trees and flowers replace this site of slums and waste in Brazil


This American town’s community is being displaced by climate change

​"If we can be viewed as a disposable people, with our lands left to perish and our way of life with them, who is next?"


Make your voice heard – write away!

Get out your pens and dust off your writing paper. It's time to pen some thoughtful letters


Innovative sustainable homes in Nigeria empowering residents and recycling resources

An inspiring movement of DIY homes made from recycled plastic bottles and mud