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From rock carvings to rock music – the prevalence of bees in art throughout human history

The importance of bees in our society as pollinators and honey producers appears to have led to their increased popularity in many artistic endeavours, such as film, social media, gaming and contemporary art. Is this new fascination with bees a recent phenomenon? In our new study, we explored how bees ...


Our Favourite Climate Conscious Artists

These artists will challenge and inspire you to fight for the planet.


How A Poem Removed Two Tonnes Of Nitrogen Oxide From The Surrounding Environment

In Praise of Air was a unique, creative collaboration across the traditionally rigid boundaries between the arts and the sciences.


What does it look like when women call for climate justice? Check out these inspiring posters!

The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice unveils the six winning designs of its climate justice poster design contest


The Warrior Project: Children’s faces capture hopes and fears for the future of the planet

Through her photography, Tailinh Agoyo captures the vibrancy and strength of Native American people today.


Grow herbs inside this kitchen lamp! Incredible design brings your garden into your home

The perfect new place to plant your parsley!


How one artist aims to disarm a city

Palas por Pistolas recycles guns into shovels