Prevent over-population with sustainable protection

Green condoms have swelled in popularity and slipped in nicely to the marketplace!

Now apart form those who are having orgasms and making babies at the same time, I wonder how much better the sensation may be if you knew you were being sustainable and socially conscious while having it?

L. condoms are glycerin- and paraben-free, made of purified, "sustainably tapped" natural latex, which means that no toxins are being put into your body.. and out of your body... and then back into your body...and so on and so forth.

And they are vegan! So yes, that means they taste like real tree roots!

L.Condoms claims "World Changing Sex"... and literally! L.Condoms are determined to stop HIV around the world. For every condom you buy, the company sends 1 to "high-impact" areas. The rate of HIV in many African countries is extreme, 9 out of 10 countries have no access to condoms for 2-3 months at a time. L. Condoms provides these countries with the necessary precautions to put an end to the high prolificacy of HIV Aids.

So, when you think about the size of the problem, and that it's growing larger... L.Condoms have come at the perfect time!

The prevention of unwanted babies also has huge carbon savings... the use of contraception is actually probably one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do! The Aspen Institute has estimated that voluntary family planning for all who want it could provide 8 to 15 percent of needed carbon reductionsWe live in a grossly overpopulated world anyway, and people like to have sex. So, use L.Condoms and you'll save the world with your "stand up" guy.

There's also a bunch of other sustainable, vegan condoms on the market, such as Glyde and Sustain Condoms.

Check out L.Condoms add below.

So, do each other good and pleasure each other naturally.

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