[INFOGRAPHIC] Plant like a professional with this vegetable growing cheatsheet

Growing your own food instills a true sense of the value of food, and it's not difficult!

Did you know?

By turning your garden bed into a mini-farm and growing your own food, you could save massive amounts of pollution embedded in the production of food from harming our beautiful Earth.

Now, just imagine if 1 million people did this, or more.

That would really change the system, and help restore the health of the planet too, because less carbon pollution in the atmosphere is a way to combat climate change.

Why grow your own?

Growing your own food instills a true sense of the value of food, and it's not difficult. Large yards with plenty of sun can grow enough vegetables and herbs to significantly supplement your household needs, and even small homes and apartments can have herb pots on windowsills or balconies.

This brilliant infographic gives some great tips on growing vegetables and companion planting. It's based on living in Australia in a temperate climate.

You can make you own personalised infographic based on where you live here.

Thanks to for this graphic.

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We're building a movement of women fighting climate change through the way we live.

Join us and be counted.

Are you already a member? Why not add the below activity to your low-carbon living dashboard and start literally reaping the benefits of what you sow right away.

What you can do

Turn your garden bed into a mini-farm to grow your own food

Growing your own also makes a surprisingly powerful statement about reducing our reliance on others for basic sustenance, and therefore helps us to foster independence for taking further positive action.

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