How To Make Your Own Vertical Pallet Garden In Three Easy Steps

Here at 1 Million Women, we know growing your own whenever possible is a great way to fight against climate change but not all of us have the space for a garden, that's where a vertical pallet garden comes in handy!

Full disclosure - I have not made one of these myself yet.

My partner is hesitant to help me lug back a pallet from a from our local garden store who have offered to donate one. He doubts my commitment and follow thorough, totally unwarranted. However, this weekend I will be making one of these easy vertical pallet gardens, even if I have to piggy back the pallet home myself and I'll be stocking it full of beautiful, lush winter herbs and veg (you can read about which herbs and vegetables flourish in winter by clicking here).

I have been doing a lot of research and this seems to be the easiest way to put one together by far, however if you have any tips you'd like to add please share in the comments below.


  • A pallet (obviously)
  • Two large bags of high quality potting soil
  • Your seasonal plants (16 seedlings will fit nicely depending on size).
  • Small roll of weed cloth (aka landscape fabric)
  • A staple gun and staples
  • Sandpaper
  • 4 mounting brackets, one for each corner of the pallet (optional, I'll be propping mine against a wall in my balcony)


1. Acquire pallet.

  • Try calling around to stores who receive or deliver large goods and ask if they have any available.

2. Prep your pallet.

  • Whilst wearing protective gloves sand back any chipped wood and inspect for stray nails.
  • The back of the pallet, the side with the largest openings will be the side that you place against the wall, so when prepping lay the pallet with this side facing up.
  • The landscape fabric will need to cover the back and sides. Pull the fabric tightly and ensure it efficiently covers the bottom rung of each level of the pallet, staple in place. Then use the fabric to cover the entire side that is currently facing up - which will be the back. Make sure it's tight to cover any soil that may fall out.
  • Staple some more, just to be sure. The more staples the better in this project.

3. Fill you garden

  • Put the pallet in the position it will be staying (this is where you would mount the pallet if this is what you have chosen to do). Take into consideration how much sun this area will get, the more the better. It has been suggested that it is beneficial to cover the back of the pallet with an extra protective sheet of plastic, to protect your wall from moisture. I'm avoiding this element by propping my garden against some railings.
  • Fill you garden with your light, good quality potting soil.
  • Then transplant your starter plants, water liberally. Many people believe winter plants need less water than summer plants, this is not strictly true. Winter plants can be very thirsty!

Continue to monitor your plants for the coming weeks, adjusting soil when necessary and remembering to water everyday.

[Images: Life On The Balcony]

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