How sharing helped furnish my new home (and made me very popular with my new housemates)

DID YOU KNOW - Last year 1/3 of Aussies say they threw away items that were still in usable condition, this means all the valuable resources embedded in their creation went to waste. In honour of Jeans for Genes day, we are having a flash sharing event this weekend. Share your unwanted, unworn jeans on Saturday, and take a new pair you will wear on Sunday. 1 pair of jeans can create 15 kg of c02 emissions. Don’t buy new, extend their lifecycle. Share your jeans on TuShare this Saturday!

What better way to get involved in the sharing community than from the comfort of your own home and your computer? Things you no longer want or need should never be thrown out or simply gathering dust in the back of your closet. Tushare provides a platform to easily share these items with people who want them. It allows you to receive an array of items, and it is especially great for transition periods in your life. Such as, when I moved out I faced the daunting task of acquiring kitchen appliances, furniture and other household and personal items to make me feel comfortable. Luckily, Tushare was there to help me find these things. I was able to get appliances for my kitchen and furniture for my living room. I made headway with my housemates too, who were very happy with the new (and free) household items! The main issue was my clothing. When I buy clothes or look through my clothing (as much as I am trying to change my ways now) I have the mindset of "Oh, maybe one day I will wear it". However, my room at my new home is very small and I only have space for one small clothing rack, therefore I couldn't take many of my clothes with me. Often I give away my clothes to my friends, however they are quite similar to me, so if I am over a piece of clothing most likely they will be too. That is why it was great to be able to use Tushare! I was able to share some of my quality clothes that I had once thought "Maybe one day I will wear this" (But I never did) and someone else who really wants it will get wear out of it. Now I only have what I need and actually wear at my new house, and it's much easier to pick an outfit! Tushare empowers people to pass on things they don’t need and accept items from others doing the same. It means free, good quality items given away and in return you are part of the sharing community and can accumulate new things for yourself. Extending the life of items means not sending them to landfill when you no longer want them. It really helped me out and I would urge everyone to check it out!

Do you have "stuff" in your closet or at home that someone else might need more than you?


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