Artist's ice project aims to inspire action to save the planet!

Basia Irland creates ice books, sculptures that resemble books created with huge blocks of frozen river water and later "engraved" with seeds from local plants...

This project called Ice Receding/Books Reseeding , is all about inspiring action to save the planet's rivers by drawing attention to climate change and glacial melting as well as show the importance of local rivers and watersheds. The books are released into rivers where they then melt and the seeds disperse into the stream and turn into plants along the riverbank .

As Irland states, "Through the release of seed-laden ephemeral ice sculptures into rivers, creeks, and streams, the project not only connects people to their watersheds, it attempts to repair these watersheds by re-vegetating riparian areas with native plants and trees".

Irland is part of a growing movement of artists confronting climate change and her work is both thought-provoking and beautiful.

See more at Basia Irland's website

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