The Tara Hunt Fellowship

There is so much power in what we are doing - creating a mass movement of women and girls globally who are fighting climate change through their everyday actions and decisions.
- Tara Hunt 2015


What is the Tara Hunt Fellowship?

Our 1 Million Women Tara Hunt fellowship will offer a young woman the opportunity to undertake communications training to expand her skills and knowledge and bring those learnings back to 1 Million Women. It's a glorious four-week journey (broken up over 6 months - see dates below) with the 1 Million Women team to learn how to effectively communicate the challenges of climate change and encourage solutions.

Is this fellowship for you?

We are looking for young women between the ages of 18 to 25 years-old and based anywhere in Australia or New Zealand to apply for the fellowship. If you have a love of this earth and a desire to make a positive change, then you are the perfect candidate. All expenses will be covered including travel, accommodation, food and all on the ground costs.

All Fellowship costs are covered. Accommodation will be provided during your stay in Sydney plus daily living expenses and all your travel costs to and from Sydney and during your stay will be covered.

Who was Tara Hunt?

Tara Hunt was Co -CEO and a director of 1MW. She was also a philanthropist. A special kind of philanthropist, a hands-on type who gave money but also gave of herself. We lost her beautiful soul to cancer on the 28th of May, 2017.Strong and passionate, Tara never stopped believing in the power of women to change the world. She worked tirelessly to mobilise everyone she could in the fight against climate change.

Her deep love for the planet inspired and energised us all. Tara loved 1 Million Women so much. Nat (1MW Founder) and Tara talked a lot about this fellowship before she passed away and it has been made possible through the generous donations from her friends, family and the 1MW community. This fellowship is to honour Tara and to help others discover their connection and love for our earth.

I want 1 Million Women, through all our communications, to help people fall in love with our planet so they act to protect it like their own child. This Fellowship has a lot to do with that. This is not just communication of the facts and stats but the challenge to connect people to the gloriousness and gift that our natural world's really about love, because as women I believe that is our essential gift to life
- Tara Hunt, May 2017



Natalie Meiklejohn was chosen as this year's fellowship recipient by our team and some of Tara's good friends. She attended the International Youth Media Summit in August, and has begun interning with us.

The fellowship included:

  1. International Youth Media Summit
  2. Working with 1MW - for 2 weeks.
  3. 1MW Summit

The International Youth Media Summit (IYMS)


Sydney Olympic Park


The Mission of IYMS is to give young people from around the globe the opportunity to work beyond borders, collaborating on media projects and motivating one another to take action to shape the world.


IYMS is an annual two-week event that brings together young people from different cultures to create media projects aimed at inspiring their own generation to take action and responsibility for the future. By confronting and examining global problems, and exploring solutions together, they are bound in a shared purpose. Working toward a common goal and being accountable for a concrete creative product within a limited time period provides the perfect "stew" for collaboration. Conflicts arise and must get resolved. Barriers of misunderstanding and ignorance are broken down, friendships emerge, creativity flows and films are produced. In the process, youth create a model for a peaceful yet dynamic, cooperative world community. Over the last ten years, more than 600 young delegates and their adult advisors representing 50 countries have participated in the IYMS.

During the summit, the delegates will create a short film about a social/environmental issue while being guided by media educators and professional filmmakers. As part of the fellowship the chosen young woman will explore the power and impact of media to transform attitudes. Young filmmakers and social activists from over 25 countries will collectively research the pressing issues of their time and explore potential solutions. When the delegates return home, they screen these films in their classrooms, clubs or community centres and lead workshops to raise awareness (with a global audience of over 10,000 people).

Spending time with 1 Million Women

Successful applicants will be immersed in 1 Million Women for two weeks engaging with the team based in Sydney. Their time here will involve undertaking training and delivering a project of their own with the guidance from our expert social media team. They will learn how we utilise our social media channels for communicating and mobilising climate action.

The 1 Million Women Girls Summit

1 Million Women will hold a a youth summit in Sydney. The successful applicant will have an opportunity to present her project and learnings during the summit.



We would like to thank and acknowledge all the wonderful friends and family of Tara's who donated to bring this fellowship to life. A special thanks to Sue Mathews, Annie Grindrod and the team at the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network and to Tara's dear friends Genevieve Staff, Kim Muddle and Sally Doyle for all your support in helping to shape this fellowship.

And to Tara's husband, Warwick and children, Banjo, Tilly, and Lizey, may this fellowship bring love and joy to others for many years to come.