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  • Calling all Binghamton University students - Whether you are a climate warrior or a beginner take the carbon challenge and see your collective impact when you all act together.
  • Challenge yourself to cut 1 tonne of pollution out of life in 1 year.
  • See daily activities for cutting your carbon emissions.
  • Track how much carbon you're saving.
  • It's all FREE to participate.

As students and friends of Binghamton University you can make a huge impact together. Let's do it Binghamton! #1MREADY

Pledged to save 1,000Kg of CO2 Saved 400Kg of CO2
“ I know I am powerful. Every choice I make is shaping the world. Every bit of CO2 that I can prevent from entering the atmosphere makes a difference. ”
Take the Carbon Challenge



  • Is for Binghamton University students and community to live climate action in your daily lives.
  • There are 39 actions you can choose from.
  • All you need to do is 'take the carbon challenge', create your profile, choose actions and start cutting carbon out of your life.
  • It's that simple
take the carbon challenge