The chocolate to eat...before the world runs out . . .

The article below was submitted to us by a 1 Million Women community member.

You heard it here from 1 Million Women... the world is running out of chocolate. Climate change, disease, ever increasing demand and new markets are just some of the things that are to blame.

So as the world wants to eat more chocolate and the cocoa farmers can't keep up what will happen to our chocolate bars? It seems that some will be subjected to all manner of fillers and additives. And for others the size of the bars will get smaller and the prices will go up.

Before it runs out, which is a little while away, there may be some things that you might want to know about your chocolate.

You've probably heard of Fair Trade cocoa but do you know which brands use Fair Trade cocoa? It might surprise you to know that there's five brands found in the major supermarkets that use 100% ethically sourced or Fair Trade cocoa. Fair Trade cocoa takes into things like account sustainable farming practises and improved working conditions.

The good news is that all the major chocolate manufacturers are working on making sure their cocoa is ethically sourced in the future. It seems the magic year when this will happen is 2020. This, according to Bloomberg, is also the year that will see the gap between how much cocoa we want to eat and how much the cocoa trees can produce will be a massive 1 million metric tons. That's a big gap!

To learn more visit the and see how your chocolate choices can help the planet.

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