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Thousands Of Flood-Affected People Are Sheltering In Schools, Clubs And Halls – But We Can Do Better

Under climate change, bushfires and floods will only get more frequent and intense. We must start planning and building better evacuation centres now – let’s not wait for the next disaster.


Not 'If', But 'When': City Planners Need To Design For Flooding. These Examples Show The Way

We need to design our urban spaces around the idea that flooding is inevitable. That means not building on flood plains, and thinking creatively about what can be done to create urban “sinks” to hold water when floods strike. Examples from overseas show what’s possible when the political will is ...


Water Injustice Runs Deep In Australia. Fixing It Means Handing Control To First Nations

But if water justice to Indigenous peoples is to be realised, changes to policy and laws must go far deeper.


Mr Morrison, Please Don't Make Empty Promises: Enshrine Our Climate Targets In Law

Well designed, binding climate laws do effectively tackle the climate crisis. Anything less may well turn out be an empty promise.


'You Never Know If You Will Be Treated Properly And With Respect': Voices Of LGBTIQA+ People Who Lived Through Disasters

When disaster strikes, not everyone is affected the same way. A growing body of research shows the experiences of sexually and gender diverse people are frequently very different to those of heterosexual people.


We Are The 1%: The Wealth Of Many Australians Puts Them In An Elite Club Wrecking The Planet

But you might be surprised to find this 1% doesn’t just comprise the super-rich. It may include you, or people you know. And this fact has big implications for social justice and planetary survival.


Net-Zero, Carbon-Neutral, Carbon-Negative ... Confused By All The Carbon Jargon? Then Read This

Let’s get clear on what all these terms mean in practice.


3 Things We Can Do Now To Help People With Disability Prepare For Disaster

Disaster planning for people with disability matters. We perpetuate inequality with every step we don’t take, and risk entrenching disadvantage. And if you make things inclusive for people with disability, you tend to make it inclusive for large swathes of groups also at risk in emergencies.


Which 'Milk' Is Best For The Environment? We Compared Dairy, Nut, Soy, Hemp And Grain Milks

If, as a consumer you are trying to reduce the environmental footprint of the milk you drink, the first message is you should avoid dairy and replace it with plant-based options.